Pokemon Unite Season 3 Battle Pass Rewards

Pokemon Unite Update

Pokemon Unite’s “Space” Season has concluded, giving way to an all-new Season 3 featuring tons of exciting cosmetics and rewards. The Season 3 Battle Pass called “Sun, Sun, Sunshine” will be available till December 18, giving players plenty of time to grind and get their favorite cosmetics.

The latest season of Pokemon Unite is themed around summer and adventure, featuring premium rewards along with free ones for those who can’t afford to spend money. The Season 3 Battle Pass will be re-introducing the Prize Box, rewarding players even after they have surpassed the maximum Battle Pass level.

What are the Season 3 Battle Pass Rewards in Pokemon Unite

Those who are willing to purchase the Season 3 Battle Pass will have to spend around 490 Aeos Gems for the Premium version while the Premium Plus Battle Pass will be costing 985 Aeon Gems. Purchasing the Premium Plus Battle Pass will give you 10 free Battle Pass levels along with a discount of 140 Aeon Gems if you purchase it right now.

Free and Premium Battle Pass Rewards

Here are all the Free and Premium Battle Pass rewards you will be getting by grinding the Season 3 Battle Pass of Pokemon Unite:

1Adept Style: CharizardPremium
2150 Aeos TicketsFree
3Masked Style: GlovesPremium
4150 Aeos TicketsFree
5Masked Style: SocksPremium
6150 Aeos TicketsFree
7Masked Style: ShoesPremium
8150 Aeos TicketsFree
9Masked Style: BottomsPremium
10Masked Style: TopPremium
11Explorer Style: SocksFree
12300 Aeos TicketsPremium
1315 Item EnhancersFree
14Masked Style: HeadwearPremium
1515 Item EnhancersFree
16300 Aeos TicketsPremium
1715 Item EnhancersFree
18100 Aeos TicketsPremium
19100 Aeos TicketsFree
20Explorer Style: TopPremium
21100 Aeos TicketsFree
22300 Aeos TicketsPremium
2315 Item EnhancersFree
24Explorer Style: ShoesPremium
25150 Aeos TicketsFree
2630 Item EnhancerPremium
27150 Aeos TicketsFree
28Explorer Style: BottomsPremium
2915 Item EnhancersFree
30Design Short-Sleeve Shirt (Sunshine)Premium
31Work Style: Outerwear (Blue)Free
32300 Aeos TicketsPremium
3315 Item EnhancersFree
34Design Board Shorts (Sunshine)Premium
3515 Item EnhancersFree
36300 Aeos TicketsPremium
37150 Aeos Tickets Free
38Rubber Sandals (White)Premium
3915 Item EnhancersFree
40Sunshine Style: HeadwearPremium
41150 Aeos TicketsFree
4230 Item EnhancersPremium
43150 Aeos TicketsFree
44Athletic Top (Black)Premium
4515 Item EnhancersFree
46300 Aeos TicketsPremium
4715 Item EnhancersFree
48Sunglasses (Blue)Premium
49150 Aeos TicketsFree
50Sunshine Style: TopPremium
5115 Item EnhancersFree
52300 Aeos TicketsPremium
5315 Item EnhancersFree
54Sunshine Style: ShoesPremium
5515 Item EnhancersFree
56300 Aeos TicketsPremium
5715 Item EnhancersFree
58300 Aeos TicketsPremium
5915 Item EnhancersFree
60Sunshine Style: VenusaurPremium

Once you’re done and dusted with level 60, you’ll be able to earn rewards through the Prize Box which lets you roll for Aeos Tickets, Holowear Tickets, or Fashion Tickets. Not a fan of playing on your mobile? Don’t worry we got you covered with a step-by-step guide on running Pokemon Unite on PC and Mac with emulators.

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