PUBG Mobile Infection Mode is Back with Halloween Pumpkins

Infection Mode is back in PUBG Mobile

One of the fan favorite modes of PUBG Mobile, which was released last year, is making it’s way back in to the game. The Infection Mode has returned and it is now better than ever with a touch of Halloween theme.

The Lost Harbor map, where the game is played, now has pumpkins all around the map and there have been some changes with the overall theme of the map as well. Payload 2.0 just released and we already have another fantastic mode available to play. Now, without any further ado, let’s see what this mode is all about.

What is Infection Mode?

The mode basically features 12 players and consists of three rounds. Each round being 3 minutes and 25 seconds long. In the initial 25 seconds, all players have to take a spot anywhere on the map, and after that three random players will turn into zombies.

Similar to Attack of the Undead mode in COD Mobile, the zombies or infected in infection mode will have higher health and have to kill the humans with melee only. The defenders have to survive for three minutes and keep on killing the infected, which will have infinite respawns.

When an infected player kills a defender, he also turns into a zombie and just like that, the main goal of the infected is to turn every human like them. And for that, they will have three minutes.

This will go on for three rounds and afterwards players will see their rankings based on the number of kills they did and how they performed.

How to Play Infection Mode – Rules

EvoGround Infection Mode in PUBG Mobile

You can find the infection mode in EvoGround section in PUBG Mobile, where modes like Payload 2.0 and RageGear TDM are also available.

Players are divided into Defenders and Zombies randomly at the beginning of the match. Defenders that are attacked by Zombies will turn into Zombies. When the countdown is over, Zombies win if all the Defenders have been killed and Defenders win even if just 1 survived.

These were all the details about the popular infection mode which has returned to PUBG Mobile. It’s one of the most exciting modes in the game and worth your time too. Do play it and tell us how’d you like the game play, in comments.

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