PUBG Mobile Karakin Map Trailer | New Map Coming Soon?

Karakin Map is the new addition in PUBG Mobile maps

PUBG Mobile is adding yet another new map in the game, for classic mode, and it looks fantastic. The Karakin Map is going to be the latest addition in the Battleground maps of PUBG Mobile. This map was first seen in PUBG PC, and was a great one to play on the PC variant of the game. It has been rumored to arrive in the mobile game before, but instead, the developers released Livik and Erangel 2.0.

Today, we will discuss all the details about the potential upcoming map in PUBG Mobile, and there is a trailer of the map at the end of the article. So, make sure you read till the end.

Karakin Map in PUBG Mobile

Karakin Map in PUBG Mobile

Karakin Map was first released for PUBG PC. It has a desert theme and has some great features and exclusive stuff, like hidden bunkers, and sticky bunkers like C4. A few days ago, a video of the new Karakin Map took the PUBG Mobile players by storm, where the mobile map had similar buildings, areas, compounds, bunkers etc. same as the PC variant. Apart from that, the terrain and nature of the map are also similar to PUBG PC.

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Karakin Map might release for Game for Peace First

Karakin Map in PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace

The map has the same coconut trees, bunker and deserted areas like the one in the PC game. The desert is surrounded by sea, again like the PC map. Having said that, the map might release for the Chinese variant of PUBG Mobile first, which is called Game for Peace. The reason for saying this is, in all the pictures of the maps, there are Chinese subtitles. So, we can assume that the map might release for Game for Peace before PUBG Mobile.

Map Trailer

Here is the trailer of the Karakin map in PUBG Mobile.:

YouTube video

This was all about the new map coming in PUBG Mobile. We do not know exactly when it will be releasing, but we hope it releases sooner rather than later.

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