PUBG Mobile: Lightweight Installation Function | How to Use

The new PUBG Mobile lightweight installation functionality is now available on Android, and we have discussed here how to use it. PUBG Mobile is arguably the most popular battle royale game in the world right now. While its PC port has seen major success, it’s the mobile version where it has truly outdone itself. The game has gradually amassed a massive player base and is one of the most popular mobile games globally. Today, we’re going to be looking at how you can use the lightweight installation function in PUBG Mobile.

With the massive increase in popularity, PUBG has seen a remarkable increase in its overall file size. Its recent Metro Royale update has pumped the installation size and time up quite a bit. The aforementioned feature helps reduce the overall size while also making the game less demanding on older phones.

How To Use Lightweight Installation in PUBG Mobile

lightweight installation function PUBG Mobile

The Lightweight Installation feature has different variations and has been officially implemented into the game’s latest 1.1 updates. The feature is used to reduce the game’s overall file-size while also helping the game run much smoother on older phones with lighter resource packs. Currently, there are two sets of resource packs available. They are:

Low-Spec Resource Pack

The Low-Spec resource pack is only 330 MB in size and is meant for older phones that used to lag in the game. These phones should see a massive increase in performance, and the game should run much smoother on them.

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HD Resource Pack

lightweight installation function

The HD Resource Pack is an optional resource pack that is about 580 MB in size. This pack is meant for players with higher-end phones and have FHD Displays. The game will look much better using this resource pack.

Note: You can also download the UHD resource pack if you have a phone that has a UHD display.

Changes to Updates

update changes pubgmobile

PUBG Mobile has completely revamped the way they push out updates. Updates and resource packs are now categorized, and players can download and install the maps/resources they need. This helps reduce the file-size of the game while making the update process much more streamlined and fluid.

Here is a video of the developers explaining the lightweight feature:

YouTube video

This article concludes everything you need to know about the lightweight installation function in PUBG Mobile. Say tuned for more guides!

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