PUBG Mobile Pakistan “Khelta Ja” Official Anthem Released

khelta ja pubg national anthem free MP3 download

PUBG Mobile Pakistan has just released their latest anthem, Khelta Ja, for the game. Asim Azhar sings the song, and the music video features a cameo by Saad, aka Ducky Bhai. The song is quite upbeat and is completely sung in Urdu. Today, we will be talking about the song plus providing you with a free MP3 download link for Khelta Ja sung by Asim Azhar.

PUBG Mobile is a free Battle Royale game developed by Tencent. The game has gotten much more popular recently after the publisher is making efforts to produce local content that is unique to each region. One such effort is their prime focus on PUBG in Pakistan. They have already announced a web-series for the region and have just released Khelta Ja as well.

Download Khelta Ja – PUBG Mobile Pakistan Anthem

khelta ja free mp3 download
Credits: YouTube PUBG Mobile Pakistan

Khelta Ja is currently available only on YouTube and Facebook. The song is currently released on the official handles of PUBG Mobile Pakistan. Asim Azhar has also uploaded a snippet of the song on his official Instagram. The song itself features references from PUBG Mobile, and its groovy anthem serves well for an official anthem of a fast-paced game. The publishers have also teased more exclusive content coming up for the region soon!

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Luckily, we have got MP3 Download Links for Khelta Ja ready for you. The audio file has a bit rate of 320 KBPS. So, expect nothing but the best quality! Here’s the download link:

Alternatively, you can download from this link here: Download Khelta Ja – PUBG Mobile Anthem

After you have download the song, you should definitely check the music video which features a cameo by Ducky Bhai!

YouTube video

This concludes everything you needed to know about the latest anthem released by PUBG Mobile Pakistan called Khelta Ja alongside a free MP3 download. Stay tuned for more news!

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