PUBG Mobile Season 15 End Date Confirmed

PUBG Mobile season 15 end date revealed

PUBG Mobile season 15 started back on 15th of September. It had some huge updates and new modes made their way in to the game. Apart from Payload 2.0 and Infection Mode, many more features were introduced in the ongoing season.

Themed, Beyond the A.C.E, PUBG Mobile’s season 15 end date has been revealed and confirmed. It will be seeing it’s end in a few days time, once the two months of it’s release completes.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 End Date

Traditionally, every season of PUBG runs for two months. Similarly, Season 15 will be ending on 15th November, since, it’s Royale Pass was unleashed on 15th September. The new, season 16 will most probably be made available globally on 17th November, one day after season 15 ends.

Season 15 Royale Pass Reset

PUBG Mobile season 15 Royale Pass - Beyond A.C.E

PUBG Mobile has a new theme and Royale Pass for every season. After the current season ends, the next one will have it’s brand new theme and RP. However, players still have a lot of time left to rank up and to complete their RP till the 100th level.

PUBG Mobile season 15 Royale pass has a end date of 15th November.

Likewise every season, there will be a free and two paid versions of the new Royale Pass. The free one will be available for every player. On the contrary, the paid versions, named, Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus, will cost 600 and 1800 UC, respectively.

Rank and Stats Reset

With the end of season 15, the rank and stats of players all around the globe will be reset. They’ll have to push their rank again, if they want to reach the top. It’s all about the grind.

This was all about the end date of PUBG Mobile’s Season 15. We are hyped up for the upcoming Season 16, and will be taking you through every new aspect of it, once it releases.

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