What is PUBG Mobile Season 18 Release Date?

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The Season 17 of PUBG Mobile is currently halfway through and it came with a lot of updates that the players are enjoying. However, the current season will be expiring next month and an even better season 18 will be released. The release date of the upcoming Season 18 Royale Pass has been somewhat confirmed and will be mentioned below in the article.

Some much needed new content will be releasing as soon as the new season drops. Moreover, we will be getting a new Royale Pass as well. All of this will be discussed in detail below. So, make sure you read till the end.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Release Date

Every new season of PUBG releases once the Royale Pass of the current one gets over. The RP of the 17th one will be expiring on the 17th of March. Every RP runs for two months, and the latest one was released on January 17th. Once it ends next month, the new season will drop with in two to three days. The speculated release date is 18th to 21st of March. So, as can be seen, there is still a lot of time left before the new edition drops. Make sure you complete all the tasks and your Season 17 RP before that.

Season 18 Royale Pass Reset

PUBG Mobile Season 18 RP release date

The Royale Pass of Season 18 is going to be a good one with many cool and epic rewards. The rewards were seen in the beta version but however, they can change a bit once the original season drops. You can check more about the leaks in details in our article PUBG Mobile Season 18 Leaks | Royale Pass Rewards.

There will be free and two premium variants of the updated Royale Pass. For every player, a free one will be available. The paid variants, called Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus, would, on the other hand, cost 600 and 1800 UC, respectively.

Rank and Stats Reset

Whenever a new season comes after two months, the ranks and stats of all the players get reset. As a result, they will have to grind again to reach the top.

These were all the details about the upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 18. If you want to go through even more news regarding the content coming in the new edition, then check out our article, PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta Patch Notes.

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