Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of The Void Out Now, New Launch Trailer Here

Risk of Rain Expansion

Risk of Rain 2 has consistently been one of the most engaging and downright addicting rogue-likes in the indie space. Since its initial launch as an early access title to its 1.0 update, Hopoo games have made an impressive amount of progress in keeping the game updated with frequent bursts of new content.

This includes new playable survivors, new levels, secret events, tons of new items, and more.

Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of The Void Release

Risk of rain expansion1

And it seems their momentum continues with Risk of Rain 2’s first ever expansion 2 years after its initial launch. Survivors of the Void is a massive expansion that adds a ton of new content to an already stacked game. Hopoo games have also released an exciting new launch trailer for the latest expansion showing off all the new content as well as yet another banger soundtrack by game composer, Chris Christodoulou.

The expansion includes:

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  • 2 New Survivors, The Dead-shot sniper “Railgunner” and the corrupted commando “Void Fiend.
  • 14 new Void items, these are corrupted versions of existing items that flip the effects of the original items and will replace their normal counterparts with their corrupted ones for the run.
  • 3 new interactables that will modify your build in various ways.
  • 5 pieces of equipment, 4 lunar items and 18 standard items.
  • 3 new stages.  Explore the beautiful waterfalls of Aphelian Sanctuary, take in the pungent odor of the Sulfur Pools, and enjoy accidental ice skating in Siphoned Forest, giving even more life to the world of Petrichor V.
  • 14 new enemies. These include 9 basic monsters, 3 bosses and 2 elite enemies.
  • A new endgame boss that leads to a different ending.
  • An all-new horde mode that can be played both solo or in multiplayer.

The expansion can currently be bought on steam for 35% off, or if you don’t own the original Risk of Rain 2 you can buy both RoR 2 and its expansion in a bundle at 43% off. As for consoles, Survivors of The Void is expected to launch sometime around Q2 2022.

Hopoo games have proven time and again to be one of the best indie devs around, having made a classic like the original Risk of Rain and then having followed it up with an even better experience is a commendable feat.

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