Rust Console Edition Offshore Blowout: Release Time and Content Update Details

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A new Rust Console Edition patch – Update 1.30 – is coming out later today and we are super excited and looking forward to it. Dubbed as the Offshore Blowout Update, this patch introduces new mechanics and tons of new additions to the game. That is why we will look at the release time and patch details for Rust’s Offshore Blowout update in the next section below.

This is the end of February update for Rust Console and the developers released a trailer earlier as well. All of this made players more excited to try out the update and see what changed. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the Rust Console Update 1.30 release time and more information of this free content update.

Rust Offshore Blowout Release Time

Rust Console Patch 1.30 Release Time and Details

While the official date for Update 1.30 is Thursday, February 24th, 2022, players are curious to know what time it will launch. The Rust Console Update 1.30 is already available to download as of 11 AM UTC. However, you might notice that there is no new content that is in the patch notes. Worry not because the new content will be accessible after the monthly server wipe takes place at around 6 PM UTC. It is also worth noting that monthly servers will not get a BP wipe, but weekly ones will. Also, some servers may not have oil rigs in them but the majority will have them.

As for the changes, here are all the changes coming to Rust Console Update 1.30:

  • Two of the most requested monuments are being added to the game. Depending on the server you play in, you will have the chance to have the Small or Large Oil Rig available in it. Some servers might even have both! 
  • A new NPC, the Heavy Scientist, is being added. This new NPC is much more challenging than the regular scientists and you and your squad will have to face them, if you plan to complete the Oil Rig event and run away with the loot. 
  • A new weapon is also being added, the Multiple Grenade Launcher! This weapon has a low chance of dropping from the Heavy Scientists aboard the Oil Rig, and in the right hands it will cause immense destruction. Don’t forget to aim ABOVE your target.
  • And finally, all backpacks now float in the ocean. This means that in those intense fights in the open sea, you will be able to loot your opponents and get some extra resources that can be crucial on your journey. 

Apart from this, skin rotation is also made available with this update. That’s not all though. The developers are also planning to release new content on the Testing Branch of Rust Console. This will feature new updates and additional content, so keep an eye out for that. Plus, the team is hard at work on creating Community Servers as well. These servers will have a brand new UI to make it easier to manage the servers.

What are the Rust Oil Rigs?

Rust PC contains two big monuments from which one is the ‘Oil Rig’ while the other is called ‘Large Oil Rig’. Aside from the size, there are also some other distinct factors about these monuments. This larger rig can hold almost twice amount of scientists and can give bigger challenges and rewards.

Do note that these monuments are located on the sea therefore, you will have to grab a helicopter or a boat in order to reach it.

Grenade Launcher in Rust

The grenade launcher has an internal magazine of 6 rounds and has a total of 3 types of ammunition for its use. While this shotgun has been present for a while in Rust PC. It is only now that we are seeing this coming in the brand new Rust Console Offshore update.

If we are lucky then we might even get to see the multiple grenades launcher. However looking at things, that might be a story for another day. The Grenade Launcher can utilize the following ammo rounds:

  • 40mm Shotgun Round
  • 40mm HE Grenade
  • 40mm Smoke Grenade

That’s about everything you need to know about the Rust Console Update 1.30 release time and details. If more information comes out, we will keep you updated. Let us know what you think of these changes coming to Rust Console Edition. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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