Third Person Mode Coming to Medieval Dynasty in New Patch


Render Cube has just announced the release of an upcoming update, however, it is something fans can get really excited for as the much-coveted Third Person Perspective mode is finally making its way to the Medieval Dynasty in an update coming soon. Players have been asking for a different camera angle for as long as we can remember and it looks like the developers have finally heard their pleas.

Medieval Dynasty brings in a unique twist to life simulators as it incorporates survival and strategy build up into the mix, making for one of the best RTS games to come out last year. The game quickly gathered the attention of old-school Age of Empire players who really appreciated a breath of fresh air.

Medieval Dynasty: Third Person Mode

According to a post made by their official Steam, Medieval Dynasty is planning on introducing the much-desired 3rd Person Perspective Mode to their game in an update that would be coming out later this month. And with the release of teaser images, we have to admit, the game looks absolutely gorgeous.


Although the final verdict can only be delivered after the mode has made it to the game, initial thoughts state that it’s definitely something to look forward to.

As the news about the new TTP mode coming to Medieval Dynasty gets to you, what are your initial thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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