Tribe Gaming Wins North America Regional Playoffs | COD Mobile Championship 2020

The last and final regional playoffs have been wrapped up. After, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Latin America, Eastern EU, Rest of the World, Garena and Western Europe, we are done with the North America playoffs as well, for the COD Mobile World Championship 2020. Tribe Gaming were the favorites in the eyes of many, but many also said the competition was “too hard” for them. But guess who proved everyone wrong ?

Here, today, we’ll provide you details about all the matches of Tribe, how was their road to the finals, and how they managed to come out on top, in the end.

Match Details:

It wasn’t easy for tribe, as things didn’t go according to plan on the first day, but they managed to turn the tables, on the next one. Now, Let’s see how their matches went.

Quarter Final: vs TrulyOP

Potentially one of the top 4 teams of the tournament after Tribe, NOVA and XSET Gaming, Truly were no way a team to be taken lightly. But, it’s literally impossible to defeat Tribe in a respawn game. Winning the first hardpoint map by 150-139, Tribe took the lead, but lost the last, 11th SnD round, and we were tied up at 1-1.

Again, two respawn games followed, with Tribe winning both of them. They won the 3rd domination map by 150-119. The last hardpoint was a bit close but they ended up winning the map by, 150-133.

Semi Final: vs XSET Gaming

A team which many people know by the name of Status Quo, XSET Gaming, came up with a huge upset over Tribe Gaming. No one expected them to beat Tribe, especially in respawn. However, the not-so-good map control by Tribe, cost them the 1st hardpoint map, losing by 150-116.

Tribe isn’t known as a great SnD team, even the players say that it’s not their best mode. They lost that by 6 to 5. Though, winning back to back 3rd and 4th map, 150-67 and 150-35, it seemed Tribe was back. But, again, the last SnD went against them 6-5, sending them to the elimination bracket.

Lower Bracket Round 2: vs Gene Gaming

As expected, an easy 3-0 win for Tribe. There wasn’t a single mistake by them in most part of the games. They took the win by beating Gene 150-47, 6-1 and 150-84, in hardpoint, search & destroy and domination, respectively.

Lower Bracket Round 3: vs TrulyOP

The first match-up of 2nd day, Truly got a chance to take their revenge against Tribe. However, Tribe Gaming came out all guns blazing. Didn’t even let Truly win a single game. as they advanced to the lower bracket finals with a big 3-nil win.

They make a clean sweep by winning the Hardpoint map, 150-126, SnD 6-4 and the last Domination map, 150-119.

Lower Bracket Final: vs Nova Esports

The second last test of Tribe. Nova Esports was a tough team to face, but Tribe just had the momentum to take them through absolutely everything that came in their way. They won the first Hardpoint map, 150-57, easily, and a close, 6-5 victory in Search N Destroy.

You just can’t beat Tribe in respawns. They absolutely dominated in the Domination map, getting the victory by 150-91 points, and getting ready to take their revenge from XSET in the grand finals.

Grand Final: vs XSET Gaming

1st Match

The confidence Tribe Gaming was in, no matter what team would had been against them, Tribe would’ve beaten them. XSET didn’t expect what happened. Tribe absolutely walked over them in the 1st match, to reset the finals bracket.

150-105, 6-2 and 150-68. These were the scores after hardpoint, SnD and domination maps. You can see the dominance of Tribe Gaming here. At this point, they were at a 9 game winning streak. They hadn’t lost a single map on day 2, heading into the last match of the grand finals.

2nd Match

Was there any doubt about who’s going to be the champion of North America ? It was all happening for Tribe Gaming, as they won the Crash hardpoint 150-126, which they had lost to XSET before, in the semifinals. Down by 4-2 in SnD Standoff, Tribe reverse swept XSET by winning yet another game of Search and Destroy by 6-5.

It was all about the MVP of the region, TribexTectonic, who clutched a 1v4 in the 10th round, when Tribe was at match-point. After that, they won the last round without any struggle, to get a 2-nil lead.

There was no way, Tribe was losing the domination map, they won 150-129 to book their place in the final stage of the World Championship, and are now one of the top 8 teams in the world.

Huge congratulations to Tribe Gaming on qualifying for stage 5. They are the Champions of North America. We’ll now be seeing them in action in the actual LAN (Local Area Network) event, which will be happening sooner rather than later. But, you don’t have to worry, we’ll keep you covered with all the updates about that as well.

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