Battlefield 2042 Controls for PC, PlayStation, Xbox

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Battlefield 2042 has an action-packed multiplayer mode with lobbies of up to 128 players, leaving you no time to remember controls amidst all the chaos. Memorizing the controls of your specific platform can greatly increase your in-game efficiency and allow you to focus on other aspects of the game rather than finding the correct hotkey for your grenade. This is more important as cross-play support is enabled.

This new game BF2042 also gives players complete freedom when it comes to customizing their controls and feeling comfortable while playing the first-person shooter. Anyhow, the default controls are just as good, needing only minor tweaks to sync with your comfort. Apart from these, you should also check our graphics settings guide and a list of known issues with the game.

Battlefield 2042 Controls and Default Keybinds

Key bindings are crucial for quick switches during a fight so you’ll need to get acquainted with them as soon as you start playing. Moreover, you can always connect a controller to your PC or a keyboard to your console so don’t let your gaming platform hold you back from feeling comfortable while playing.

BF2042 PC Controls

Battlefield 2042 PC Controls
MoveW/A/S/D Keys
SprintShift (Hold)
CrouchLeft Ctrl or Hold C
SlidePress Z (While sprinting)
VaultPress Spacebar while moving towards the obstacle
Enter/Exit VehiclesE(Hold)
Plus MenuT
Comorose/PingQ (Hold)
ZoomRight Mouse Button
FireLeft Mouse Button
Call-In MenuB (Hold)
VOIPLeft Alt Key
Full MapM
MenuEsc Key
Swap Seat (Vehicle)F1 to F8
Switch Primary/Secondary Weapon1, 2
Open Gadget4

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Default Xbox Controls (Battlefield 2042)

If you’re playing the game on an Xbox console, here are the complete controller binds for you to learn:

Battlefield 2042 Xbox Controls
FunctionKey bind
MoveLeft Stick
SprintLeft Stick (Click)
LookRight Stick
MeleeRight Stick (Click)
ProneB (hold)
SlidePress B (While sprinting)
VaultPress A while moving towards the obstacle
Enter/Exit VehiclesX
ReviveX (Hold)
Plus MenuLB (Hold)
Comorose/PingRB (Hold)
GrenadeUp D-Pad
Call-In MenuRB (Hold) + Select Call-Ins
Full MapMenu Button
MenuOptions Button
Swap Seat (Vehicle)A
Switch Primary/Secondary WeaponY
SpecialtyLeft D-Pad
Open GadgetRight D-Pad

Battlefield 2042 PlayStation Controls

Here is the default control layout if you’re playing Battlefield 2042 on a PlayStation:

FunctionKey bind
MoveLeft Stick
SprintLeft Stick (Click)
LookRight Stick
MeleeRight Stick (Click)
Prone Circle (Hold)
SlidePress Circle (While sprinting)
Jump Cross
VaultPress Cross while moving towards the obstacle
Enter/Exit Vehicles Square
Revive Square (Hold)
Plus Menu L1 (Hold)
Comorose/PingR1 (Hold)
Zoom L2
GrenadeUp D-Pad
Call-In Menu R1 (Hold) + Select Call-Ins
Full Map Touchpad (Press)
MenuOptions Button
Swap Seat (Vehicle) Cross
Switch Primary/Secondary Weapon Triangle
SpecialtyLeft D-Pad
Open GadgetRight D-Pad
Battlefield 2042 PlayStation Controls

This sums up our list of all the default key binds you need to familiarize yourself with in order to play Battlefield 2042 efficiently. Facing stutters while low frame rates while running Battlefield 2042? Check out our guide for the best graphics settings for the perfect balance between visual quality and FPS.

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