Best Graphics Settings in New World for Maximum Performance

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The recent MMO by Amazon has racked up concerned players who have experienced frequent lag spikes and FPS drops. Until the developers optimize New World, we believe that the best possible way to deal with such frame drops is to adjust your graphics settings in the game for best performance.

New World‘s crisp visuals along with a huge map to roam around definitely sucks up a lot of your FPS. To help you guys out, we have made this guide that sheds light on how to tweak your graphics settings to get the maximum frames out of New World. One of the reasons for frequent lag may be the server load or maintenance downtime, but that is something you can rule out with this guide.

New World: Best Graphics Settings

Players in New World are experiencing stuttering and Frame drops during the game, making the gameplay exasperating. To fix this, here are some Graphics Settings you can try in-game:

Graphics Settings:

SettingWhat to keep it to
Window ModeKeep this set at Full-Screen mode
ResolutionKeep this set to your monitor’s native resolution. You can also lower it one or two settings below the native resolution to increase performance
FOVKeep your FOV set to 50 as it may have a small effect on performance. You can lower it in case you want some more FPS
Video QualityDepending on performance change Video Quality to either Medium or low settings
Effects QualityTurn effects down to Low to increase performance if needed. We would recommend keeping this low for better performance.
Lighting DetailsKeep this on Low as it has a major impact on FPS
Texture DetailsKeep this on Low to improve FPS at the expense of visuals
Object DetailsTurn down to Low or Medium depending on how it affects performance
Post Processing DetailsTurn down to Low as it majorly impacts performance.
Shadow DetailsTurn down to Low as shadows are the main reason for FPS drops
Terrian DetailsTurn down to Low or Medium depending on how it affects performance
Water DetailsTurn down to low or medium depending on how it affects performance
V-SYNCKeep this Off to squeeze the most FPS out of New World.
Max FPSSet this to uncapped to squeeze the most FPS out of New World
Player Nameplate AmountTurn this down to Two as it hogs resources
Dynamic Resolution ScalingKeep this setting Off for consistent visuals
Analytics ReportingTurn this Off to improve latency

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System Settings:

Apart from Graphics settings, tweaking some System Settings may also help out your FPS crises. Here is a list of things you can try with your system to increase New World’s Frame Rate:

  • Update graphic and video drivers
updating graphics card
  • Reduce your screen resolution
    • Go into Display Settings and then change Screen resolution from there.
Screen resolution
Screen Resolution Setting
  • Change graphics card settings ( from AMD or Nvidia Control Panel )
Graphic card settings

Once you’re done with these settings, we believe you’ll definitely see a distinct rise in the game’s FPS. Are you still facing long queue times for New World? Tell us in the comments below!

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