Best Guns in Halo Infinite (Tier List)


When it comes to first-person shooters, Halo has always been amongst the most iconic titles, and that hasn’t changed as fans get hyped for the upcoming release of Halo Infinite. When it comes to the Halo franchise, the thing that has left the deepest impact on the hearts of fans is the high-tech arsenal of guns that the games come along with.

After getting your hands on Halo Infinite, you must be wondering which guns you need to be on the lookout for and which ones aren’t more than just dead weight. Well, you’ve come to the right place as we prepare a complete tier list of all the best guns in Halo Infinite. If you are playing the game on Xbox, you might want to read up our guide for the controller settings and choosing the best sensitivity settings.

Halo Infinite: List of the Best Guns

With gameplay for the different guns available in Halo Infinite popping up everywhere, we took them out for a whirl ourselves to find out which one was the best one for you to use during your gameplay. Our rigorous research have reaped the following tier list so we hope that you find it helpful.

But before we get into the list, let it be known that this tier list is based on our experiences with the weapons and we have catered to various factors such as ease of use, handling, firepower, and more. If you think the ranks should be different, be sure to let us know:

Halo Infinite: Guns Tier List

Rank Weapon Weapon Weapon
SAssault RifleBattle RifleCQS48 Bulldog
ASidekickPulse CarbineHeatwave
BSniper RifleSkewerRavager
CPlasma PistolNeedlerGravity Hammer

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Assault Rifle


Our personal favorite, the classic Assault Rifle is back to Halo Infinite and it is better than ever. This close to medium-range semi-automatic weapon might be your default weapon at spawn, but with the right upgrade, it has the potential to be an absolute beast when it comes to PVP.

Battle Rifle

The Ranked Settings of Halo Infinite Have Been Revealed And The Battle Rifle Is King

The precision rifle of choice for many since the earlier Halo days, the Battle Rifle is considered to be amongst the best and most consistent weapons when it comes to competitive gameplay. Requiring a fair bit of skills to operate, partnered with absolute battle prowess and accuracy, the Battle Rifle is without a doubt amongst our favorites in the game.

CQS48 Bulldog

maxresdefault 1 1

With higher damage than its predecessor and fire rate rivaling that of some of the SMGs in the game, the CQS48 Bulldog is a weapon not to be meddled with. The Bulldog is devastating at close range with a much more compact bullet spread and much higher damage output when compared to the default shotgun from earlier Halo games.



As the name suggests, the Sidekick is the most optimal secondary weapon currently in the game with high accuracy, ease of use, and damage (well, damage as compared to other pistols). The Sidekick features a 12-round magazine with a fire rate to count on. So if you have an opponent with shields down but are out of ammo on your primary weapon, the Sidekick and come in clutch for that final dink in their casket.

Pulse Carbine

halo pulse

The Pulse Carbine, taking inspiration from both Plasma Rifle and Covenant Carbine, is a top-tier weapon when you are up against a lot of shields. Just equip yourself with the Carbine and a secondary weapon capable of providing the final dink to the head, the Pulse Carbine can prove to be a deadly weapon.



The revamped version of Scattershot from Halo 4 and Halo 5, the Heatwave is a very good weapon for players who want to add a little bit of style along with their skills. The Heatwave has two firing modes, the horizontal spray, and the vertical spray. Players can also show off their skills by bouncing shots off of surfaces while putting in some indirect damage.

Sniper Rifle

Two Halo Sniper Rifles

When it comes to long-range combat, nothing beats the age-old sniper rifle that hasn’t changed much in the past 20 years. Although it is one of our favorite weapons when it comes to the Halo franchise and we desperately wanted to give it an S class, however, the weapon carries with it a slight difficulty of use which a few players might find off-putting, which is why the weapon has fallen a step or two and now resides in class B.



The Skewer is a heavy-duty, large weapon that can take you a long way when faced with tanks or vehicles. The Skewer can deal massive damage to armored vehicles as well as destroy a normal enemy in a single shot, However, it is not a weapon you can rely upon in fast-paced warfare as it is very difficult to land a hit on a normal enemy with this beast, and seeing how it’s a one-shot kill if it hits, it’s justifiable.


1200px HINF Pre Release Ravager Render

Similar to the Cinderblast, the Ravager is also a crowd-control weapon that makes it difficult for enemies to cross over a certain path. Although, unlike the Cinderblast, the Ravager shots come out in bursts and explode on impact making it a better version of the predecessor. However, the damage delivered by the shots is a little underwhelming.

Plasma Pistol

maxresdefault 6 1

The Plasma Pistol won’t be able to win you any battles on its own, but trust us when we say that it has its uses. When charged to the brim, the Plasma pistol releases a ball of Plasma that is able to take off a target’s shields entirely. However, that is the only possible circumstances we personally would use it for.



We’re going to be honest here, although the needle isn’t the worst weapon on the list, we do not like it and our dislike for the gun can be widely accredited to its hit mechanics. After countless hours spent on this weapon, we are still unsure whether we are to pre-fire with this or actually keep our aim on the enemy for it to hit.

Gravity Hammer

maxresdefault 7

Bringing a hammer to a gunfight can never be a good idea, especially when the hammer doesn’t even throw the enemies up in the air anymore. The name of the hammer is widely deceiving as the hammer does not provide you with any abilities on its own that would even remotely resemble anything that has to do with gravity.

So there you have it, that’s our tier list of all the best weapons you can use in Halo Infinite!

Did you find this guide to be helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.

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