Best New World PvP and PvE Builds (2022)

New World is an MMO that shakes up the usual formula and gives players tons of freedom. There aren’t any classes in the game; instead, players have the option to assign points to different attributes according to their playstyle. There are tons of builds to try out which is why this guide will take a look at the best PvP and PvE builds for New World in 2022.

Every weapon is viable in New World but finding the ideal build for your character can be a troublesome task. Whether you are a DPS main, Tank player, or a healer; there will be a build for all types of players. With that said, let’s get started and take a look at the best PvP and PvE builds for New World in 2022.

New World Best PvP and PvE Builds in 2022

Best PvP and PvE Builds For New World in 2022

Whether you are a PvP player or a PvE one, this guide will have an appropriate build for you. While you might not agree with every entry on our list, we suggest that you give it a try to see if it works for you or not. We would love to know what builds you are using as well. If you’re having trouble crafting unique weapons, make sure that you collect tons of Coagulated Blood.

Best PvP Builds

First up, let’s take a look at some of the best PvP builds in New World. If you are a fan of Faction Wars or 1 vs 1 PvP duels, these builds will allow you to gain an edge over your enemies. The mentioned builds are good against almost every other build so you shouldn’t have a difficult time. If you have a good PvP character in another server, transfer it to your main account to get stronger in a 1 vs 1 duel.

Knight Build (Sword and Shield)

Best PvP and PvE Builds For New World in 2022

This is probably the most common PvP build in most MMOs. Your main weapons will be a sword and a shield. However, you will have a hatchet as your secondary weapon. When it comes to attributes, you will have to put most points in Constitution and Strength. Doing so will allow you to absorb a lot of damage and dish out just as much.

The best part of having a sword and shield as your main weapons allows you to be more versatile. You will be able to put points not either offensive skills or defensive ones depending on what you prefer. While this combo isn’t the flashiest, it certainly is effective and reliable. As for the hatchet, it is a superb secondary weapon that is swift and deals a good chunk of damage. You can’t go wrong with the hatchet in your back pocket.

Void Healer (Life Staff and Void Gauntlet)

Best PvP and PvE Builds For New World in 2022

This combo is quite effective – especially in PvP. Who knew combining the life staff with the void gauntlet would yield such good results. Doing so will allow you to recover a bunch of your HP when in combat. Plus, this build is also viable in PvE scenarios as well. As far as the attributes go, you will want to put them in Focus and Constitution. Since the life staff scales off of the Focus attribute, it is essential to max it out first.

This build allows you to attack from a distance and keep away from the enemy. You can have a head start in almost every fight due to your range and if you maintain your distance, you will be unkillable. For armor, we suggest wearing light armor so that you can maintain your mobility while dealing damage. Plus, this build also comes in handy during Faction Wars when you have to heal your allies.

Duelist (Rapier and Bow)

Best PvP and PvE Builds For New World in 2022

Primarily focusing on the Dexterity attribute, the Rapier and Bow combo is extremely deadly in PvP. We highly suggest that you put all of your points in Dexterity since there is no real point in putting them in other stats. Once again, you will want to equip light armor to maintain your mobility.

However, this build is what’s known as a glass cannon build. While you have tons of damage and mobility, you are just as squishy. If you get hit by some hard-hitting attacks, you will immediately lose. Apart from physical damage, this build allows you to deal tons of tick damage and debuffs as well. Your main damage sources will be poison and bleed.

While using the Rapier, you can use your high mobility to stick to your enemies and keep on attacking them. However, if you want to fight from a distance, you can use your bow. With that said, keep in mind that this is strictly a PvP build as it has zero to none AoE damage. Dealing with mobs in PvE is extremely difficult with this.

Best PvE Builds

The PvE builds mentioned below will include both offensive and defensive builds depending on your playstyle. Plus, all of them include AoE damage – which is arguably the most important part of any PvE build. Collecting all of these weapons and armors will take a lot of your time and resources. That is why you should know how to travel fast in New World and know which professions are the best in order to get tons of resources.

Great Axe and Hatchet Build

Best PvP and PvE Builds For New World in 2022

The Great Axe build mostly focuses on DPS. Players will have to put the majority of their points in Strength and the remaining in Constitution. Since the Great Axe is a slow and heavy weapon, putting points into these attributes will maximize their damage.

The armor that you will want to go with is the Voidbent Set since it will allow you to take less damage from crits. On top of that, the debuffs will last for a shorter duration on your character which is always a good thing.

Your Great Axe has a high crit chance as well as tons of fire and bleed damage. This is especially effective against mobs in a raid or when you are clearing them in free roam.

Fire Staff and Rapier Build

Fire Staff

We’ll be the first one to admit that this is an unusual combo but it works wonders. Using this build, you will deal magic damage from a distance. This is an extremely deadly combo against the majority of enemies in PvE. For this build, we suggest equipping the Syndicate Alchemist Occultist Set.

To get the most of this build, players will have to put the majority of their points primarily in Intelligence and Constitution. Using the Wildlife Torch and the Last Hope will prove most beneficial. This way, you will deal high fire damage while having reduced cooldowns.

Musket and Ice Gauntlet Build


If you are a fan of DPS builds, this is a great alternative. However, unlike the strength build the musket and ice gauntlet build primarily focuses on Dexterity. Choosing Infamy as your main musket will be the ideal choice as it has a high critical chance. As for the gauntlet, the Master Cryomancer’s Gauntlet is the best choice due to the sheer amount of survivability it offers.

You have to put points into Dexterity, Intelligence, and a few in Constitution. The Syndicate Plague Doctor Brigand Set is your go-to armor since it offers great stats that are relevant to this build. Keep in mind that you have to maintain your distance from enemies and attack them from afar.

Those are the best PvP and PvE builds in New World in 2022. We suggest that you give them a try to see which one suits you best. You can try out tons of other builds as well according to your liking. If you are looking to unlock more outfits, link your Amazon Prime account and get the Robinhood box.

Let us know in the comments below if you liked any of the builds mentioned in this guide or not. We would love to know your thoughts regarding the best builds in New World.

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