PUBG: New State Pre-Season Rewards

PUBG: New State has just been released and we have the complete list of pre-season rewards right here for you! You won’t need to buy the Survivor Pass for these rewards which include a skin for the Beryl M762, P92 and the Mini 14. Plus, you won’t be able to get these skins after the pre-season ends.

Ripe with new features, new mechanics like the green flare gun and drone; the game is best played with optimal graphics settings. While controller support still isn’t in the game, New State’s pre season is certainly ripe with rewards which you can take a look at down below.

All Pre-Season Rewards in PUBG: New State

Here are all the Pre Season Rewards coming in at launch day for PUBG: New State:

1Chicken Medal I – Silver V
2Chicken Medal II – Gold V
3Chicken Medal III – Platinum V
4Pre-Season Reward Weapon Skin – P92 1
5Pre-Season Reward Weapon Skin – Mini-14 1
6Pre-Season Reward Weapon Skin – Beryl M762 1
7Pre-Season Reward Weapon Skin – Pan 1

As mentioned earlier, the pre-season rewards for PUBG: New State seem to be exclusives for now. However, we can’t be very sure. With Season 1 coming very soon, we’ll also be covering its rewards as well as soon as it is released. In the meanwhile, grind out the pre season rewards!

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As per our estimates, it’ll take you about 50-60 good placement matches to hit the max level cap of the pre-season. With that in mind, a little bit of grind certainly won’t hurt.

Will you be grinding the pre-season Rewards for PUBG: New State? Let us know in the comments section down below! While they won’t count, a custom match is great for practicing the game.

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