COD Mobile vs Apex Legends Mobile: Top 5 Differences

Call of Duty: Mobile has been a fan-favourite shooting game for more than a year now, and there are many reasons for that. Every season players get new maps, weapons, challenges, and so on. On the other hand, we have the Apex Legends Mobile, which is a very popular PC and console game, coming to our Android and iOS devices. As soon as it makes its way to mobile, there will be some Apex Legends Mobile vs COD Mobile comparisons made by the fans. Well, there are quite a few dissimilarities between both games that need to be looked at.

So, in this article, we will be looking at the top 5 COD Mobile vs Apex Legends Mobile differences. Of course, we will have more updates and a longer list of differences once the game had launched, but we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect. One common feature we know both of these games include is the controller support and a ping indicator.

Call of Duty: Mobile vs Apex Legends: Which is better?

There is no denying that both games are played a lot on consoles and PCs. However, COD Mobile has been a great success as well. As Respawn Entertainment and EA confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile will be releasing later this month – May 2022 – and you just have to wait for a few more days now.

So now without any further ado, the following are all the top five differences between both games.

Game Modes

There are big differences between the game modes of both games. As for Apex Legends, it features a Battle Royale mode having 60 players divided into teams of 2s and 3s. It also has a non-verbal communication system in-game which is named the “Ping System”.

On the other hand, Call of Duty: Mobile features a Battle Royale mode which consists of 100 players. Also, it has a lot of 5v5 Multiplayer modes as well, including Domination, Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch, and more. Besides, it has some new and exciting time-limited modes also coming to the game every season.

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Characters Abilities

To begin with, the characters are called operators in Call of Duty: Mobile and they have no special ability of their own. However, the skins are absolutely stunning for some of them. Moreover, they can equip a Battle Royale class while playing the mode.

As for the character of Apex Legends, they are called Legends. Besides, they have special abilities as well as compared to the characters of CODM. The legends can have a special attack, defence, support, or something else. You can read more about all the available Legends and their abilities here.

Battle Royale Health System

In CODM, there is auto-recovery of health in the Multiplayer mode. On the contrary, in the Battle Royale mode, players have to recover by using Medkits, Syringes, Band-Aids, or Adrenaline.

Apex Legends also feature somewhat similar medications to boost health. They have Med Kits, Syringes, Shield cells, and Shield batteries.


Now talking about the weapons in both games, they are similar, although there are differences in the stats. The guns in Apex Legends are a bit more nerfed as compared to Call of Duty: Mobile. Moreover, the weapons in CODM have a realistic look as well. For the entire list of weapons in Apex Legends Mobile, check out this ranked tier list.

Different Maps

Last but not least, if we talk about the Battle Royale maps of both games, then Apex Legends Mobile offers three as compared to one permanent map of Call of Duty: Mobile. So, Apex Legends takes advantage here. Looking for the best spots to land? Check out this guide for the top drop locations in Apex Mobile.

This was all about the COD Mobile vs Apex Legends Mobile comparison. The latter will still have a lot to prove after release to be in the same bracket as Call of Duty: Mobile. Since you have made it down till here, do check out our other guides and lists below:

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