AGR 556 – SMG | Overview, Stats, Loadout in Call of Duty: Mobile

The season 12 of COD Mobile has come up with a lot of new updates including maps, modes, draws, credit store items, seasonal challenges, events and guns. One of the newly dropped guns is the AGR 556 SMG, which is available at the 21st tier of the battle pass.

Every season, one or two new guns arrive in the game. Same in season 12, we have received the new SMG with another new pistol, the .50 GS, about to make it’s way into the game very soon. In this particular article, we’ll discuss all about the AGR 556, it’s overview, stats, best gunsmith loadout and the preferred perks to equip with the gun. So, let’s begin!


AGR 556 is the latest SMG in COD Mobile season 12

The AGR 556 isn’t a high damage dealing gun, nor it’s TTK (Time To Kill) is faster then some of the SMGs like QQ9, Fennec or MSMC. It’s ideal for mid range and even for some longer ranges because the recoil isn’t much on this gun. However, the bullet spread of the gun isn’t the best in the world, so look out for that. You can try tap firing for long distance fights.

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It’s fire rate is good but not the quickest to win you gunfights against the likes of Fennec and QQ9, so you don’t want to be too aggressive with this SMG. The mobility is good and the controls aren’t bad either.

All in all, the AGR 556 isn’t the META of the game by any means, but it’s good for trying if you want to have some fun playing with it. Try to be a bit passive with this gun and take as much medium range fights as possible.

AGR 556 Stats – Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy

AGR 556Stats
Fire Rate:75

These are the base stats of AGR 556. As you can see from the chart above, it has medium damage and fire rate but the mobility and controls are above par. The accuracy isn’t great for longer ranges, so don’t engage much in those fights.

AGR 556 – Best Attachments, Gunsmith Loadout

Best gunsmith loadout for AGR 556

The class that we suggest about AGR 556 makes it a hybrid gun, great for medium range and okay for long and short range. If you want to have a detailed look at the gunsmith loadout, then you can check that out, here. Until then, here’s a list of attachments that we recommend for our build.

  • Barrel: MIP Light
  • Stock: YKM Combat Stock
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical
  • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 30 Round 5.56mm Mag

Best Perks

Best perks to equip with AGR 556

The best perks to equip with the AGR 556 are the evergreen combination of Light Weight, Toughness and Dead Silence.

Light Weight: Sprinting speed is increased by 10% and fall damage is greatly reduced.

You would like to have as much mobility as possible to have an advantage over your enemies, even in close range. The reason, you want light weight as your primary red perk.

Toughness: Reduces flinch when being hit by 60%.

Toughness keeps your aim intact even when you are taking shots. This is very important in winning a gunfight. If your aim becomes wayward, which is especially the case in SMGs, then it’s obvious that you’ll lose the gunfight. Therefore, choose Toughness for your green perk.

Dead Silence: Silence movement

As the name suggests, Dead Silence perk won’t let the enemies hear your footsteps, so you will have an advantage in the game. Go for it in the blue perk category.

This was our deep analysis regarding the newly arrived AGR 556. You can try this gun to see if it suits your playstyle or not. Try our suggested build to make the most out of it.

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