PUBG Mobile Season 16 Release Date Confirmed

The season 15 of PUBG Mobile has ended and the players are excited for the upcoming Season 16. The last season turned out excellent as far as gaming experience of PUBG is concerned. Many new modes including Payload 2.0 and Infection Mode made their way into the game.

The new season of PUBG Mobile however is going to be more up-to-date and advanced from the last one and we can see many new features coming in the game.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Royale Pass

Season 15’s Royale Pass has been locked which means Season 16 is just around the corner. The new arriving RP is based on the theme of Metro.

PUBG Mobile - Metro Royale

Similar to every season, the upcoming one will also see many latest and exclusive skins, guns, costumes and many more items arriving in the game. There will be two versions of the new RP, the Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. Their price will be 600 and 1800 UC respectively.

You can check more about it in our Patch Notes of PUBG Mobile Season 16.

Buffs and Nerfs

Like every update, there will buffs and nerfs taking place in the coming season 16 as well, including, vehicles, guns and throwables. Read more about them in our Buffs and Nerfs article.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Release Date

Since it’s been more than 24 hours that the Royal Pass of Season 15 is locked, the new update will be dropping tomorrow on 17th of November, at 2 AM UTC. After the update, the ranks of players will be reset to the start and they will have to work their way to the top again.

Royale Pass Rewards

Rewards of some of the RP levels have been leaked, which you can see below.

RP 1

PUBG Mobile Season 16 RP 1

RP 20

PUBG Mobile Season 16 RP 20

RP 50

PUBG Mobile Season 16 RP 50

RP 70

RP 70

RP 90

RP 90

RP 100

PUBG Mobile Season 16 RP 100

[via Classified YT]

You can further check the leaks in the following video:

YouTube video

This was all about the release date, time and some of the leaks of PUBG Mobile Season 16. We are very excited for the forthcoming season, and hope you are as well.

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